A rare initiative to stand by poor in Rajshahi amid Covid

A rare initiative to stand by poor in Rajshahi amid Covid

A Facebook group called Fight Against COVID-19 (Rajshahi) has launched a rare war against Corona.

The group of almost 17,000 members has stood by the victims in the lockdown in a unique way.

During the ongoing crisis, the '2 pots of rice and 40 taka' project has been launched to help the unemployed and helpless people.

The members of the group, led by Tamal, Alif and Raktim, are going from house to house and collecting 2 pots of rice and 40 taka, dividing the entire city of Rajshahi into different areas.

 They are collecting the rice and money by going to different areas one by one. The collected rice and money will be spent for the needy and destitute. Thousands of unemployed people have already got help from the group. The members of the group said that no one is opposing the initiative.

At first glance, this grant may seem a very small amount, but this small grant is turning into huge support for the survival of the poor and helpless.


 Former Bangladesh national cricket team captain, Khaled

Mashud Pilot acknowledged the contribution of this group as he himself belongs to this beautiful city.

The group's four other members include Kuraiza Preety, youth leader of Red Crescent Rajshahi District, Sadia Orchi, entrepreneur and online activist, Anika Bushra, musician and online activist Maesha Marium.

They are delivering food, financial aid and medical supplies to the needy people through various projects individually in groups and outside the group. The services and activities of the group do not stop here.

Leading doctors, social workers and activists of the city have also joined the group's admin panel. The group has a medical team comprising experienced doctors like Limon Awal, Anowrul Azim Bappy and Sadia Ahmed. This team is providing free healthcare to the patients through telemedicine.

In addition, the blood donated by the volunteers of the group is reaching the dying patients through the blood donation camp called 'Blood Bonding' under the supervision of Rumel Ahmed.

As the deadly coronavirus spreads around the world, people have formed various alliances, associations and organizations through government as well as private and social initiatives to deal with its effects.

And it has spread through social media. One such Facebook group is 'Fight Against Covid-19 (Rajshahi)'.

Although the group was created on Facebook, it has now spread across the city since 2020.

The group's founder, Mohammad Abu Talha, was studying in China. At the beginning of the outbreak of the coronavirus, he saw the horrors of it very closely. So he came to the country to save his favorite city Rajshahi from its terrible clutches.

As a result, he created the group with an aim to make people aware of the deadly virus. When the group was created, Talha could not have imagined that he would get so much support.

 He opened the group with only a few well-known personalities and gradually thousands of people joined it.

At present, the number of its members has exceeded 16,500.

The group’s moderator Ashfaq Ahmed Turya said, "The fact that this group, which was suddenly formed, has come so far in such a short time reminds us that people can do whatever they want. We just need a little goodwill.”

They also pledged to continue jzhe group's service activities for the people affected by the pandemic.